What is Venice?



Venice is a generative AI app.

Search the world’s information, have rich conversations, analyze documents and create images and art at the push of a button. Various AI services offer these things, what makes Venice unique?  

Venice is private and permissionless. 

1) Venice doesn’t spy on you

2) Venice doesn’t censor the AI

Venice is super simple. No downloads. There are no installations of anything. For basic use, no account is necessary and the service is free. You can use it right now

How does Venice work? 

Venice utilizes leading open-source AI models to deliver text, code, and image generation to your web browser or mobile app. 

Technical people have been using open-source tools for generative AI, but for anyone a little overwhelmed when arriving at HuggingFace, Venice is for you.  

The Venice front-end is a clean web app that should feel familiar to anyone who has used generative AI. 

Screen insert 3rd version

The Venice UI (light mode, web)

Mobile dark mode

Venice UI (dark mode, mobile)

The app is straightforward. But here’s the difference… 

Claude, ChatGPT, Grok, Perplexity, and the rest have your entire conversation history and attach it to your identity forever. Worse, they siphon it off to various third parties and governments.  

Anthropic insert v3

Venice will never “review” your conversations because it doesn’t store them.

Your conversation history is stored only in your browser. Venice does not store or log prompt or model responses on our servers.

  • Your inference requests (the messages you send) are encrypted and sent directly to the decentralized compute resources through a proxy server. 

  • The response from the AI is similarly streamed directly back again through the encrypted proxy server to your browser, never persisting anywhere other than your browser. 

  • The GPU’s that process your inference requests come from multiple decentralized providers, and while each specific provider can see the text of one specific conversation, it never sees your entire history, nor knows your identity.

Learn more about Venice’s privacy architecture here

And it turns out that when you don’t add spyware or log into your users' conversations, the app's responsiveness is fast. Take five seconds and see for yourself.

So what can you actually do with Venice?

  • Have any question answered and instantly shorten or elaborate any answer

  • Generate images of anything you can imagine in any style

  • Write code in any programming language by asking for it 

  • Learn how to do any project and research topics 

  • Debate philosophy and discover history

  • Solve math problems

  • Translate any language

  • Get polite (or harsh) criticism of your writing

Venice features:

  • Several different AI models for different results and styles

  • Ability to save and organize past conversations for future reference

  • Points earned with each inference

And Pro users have access to enhanced features:

  • PDFs uploads for summaries or insights

  • Ability to turn off Safe Mode for unhindered image generation

  • Modify System Prompt and prompt the model itself on the backend, changing how it interacts with you 

  • Limitless text and high image limits

Machines, like humans, make mistakes. For anything critical, validate with other sources.

Venice Accounts

Venice has three types of accounts with unique features:

👤 Account - No email or signup needed. Daily limits on text and image generation.

🧑🏻‍💼 Free Account - Higher limits and earn points

🧑🏻‍🎨 Pro Account - No limit on text prompts, 1000 images per day. 2x Points. PDF upload. Safe Mode control. System Prompt access. 

The best way to learn something is to try it. Venice is free and open without an account, enjoy. 

iPhone and Android users: put Venice on your homescreen for a magical experience.

Feedback is immensely helpful. Tell us anything at mail@venice.ai

-The Venice Team

Ancient map of La Serenissima

PS: Why the name? Long ago, the little city-state of Venice resisted the incursions and machinations of the large empires surrounding it. It was a place of markets and trade, of art, of culture, and of civilizational advancement. As we enter the age of AI, Venice will help accelerate machine intelligence regardless of the diktats of the authoritarians, but it should also imbue a unique and beautiful humanity into this future.