Welcome to Venice

Introducing Venice: private, permissionless AI.

What is Venice?

Search the world’s information, have rich conversations, analyze documents, create interesting images and art of any style at the push of a button.

How to generate captivating images with Venice

Venice's image generation feature allows you to create unique visuals quickly and easily. This guide will show you the ropes, covering basic to advanced techniques to get the most out of our image generation feature.

What does "uncensored" really mean in Venice?

Venice is a private, uncensored alternative to leading AI apps. But what exactly do we mean with 'uncensored'?

God Mode: The power of AI system prompts

Whether you're an amateur or an advanced AI user, mastering system prompts can help you get the most out of your AI engagement with more personally meaningful interactions, unlocking creativity and increasing knowledge.  

How to download Venice to your phone

Venice is live! A private, censorship-free generative AI chatbot. Follow these instructions to download Venice to your smartphone. Privacy Architecture

One of Venice’s guiding principles is user privacy–we respect our users and have no desire to spy on them. Our architecture flows from this philosophical principle, and we have designed every component of our infrastructure with this objective in mind. Learn more about it here.